Sunday, February 8, 2009

Table 6 comment cards

  • How do end users interact with our stuff?
  • We all need to be in the same space to collaborate.
  • Top-down mandates should be vetted, approved/rejected/below modified.
  • end users/search
  • need a way to see how content is used, specifically in classrooms
  • need better mechanisms to get and respond to user feedback specifically about search needs
  • Improve our search interface Patrons don’t understand
  • sociality
  • Cocktails in the afternoon
  • Let's all be drunk
  • outreach and communication
  • More LTG/UWDCC/LIRA socializing mixing
  • more cooperation outreach outside the university (conferences, presentation, campus visits..)
  • Improve relationships with library stats- integration?
  • Space issues
  • Space! We should all be closer together ( and have windows) and doors and walls!
  • Tech/ Infrastructure
  • Shared development tools, website
  • refocus on existing systems and platforms some need updating
  • emphasis on infrastructure support- for new and future systems
  • replace voyager with open-source ils packages
  • need stable systems in UWDC since we are production oriented
  • Staffing issues
  • Equitable salaries value skills!
  • sense that all skills are important and valued
  • more permanent staff
  • Internal communication
  • we don’t really know what each other do a lot of the time
  • I don’t understand how to improve communication about our services/tools *** the library for libra********
  • ownership of problems--better response to internal questions and problems
  • clarify relationship between UWDC and other tech units
  • Clarify responsibilities/duties- who do I bug about what?
  • flexible procedures
Excel file listing all comments

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