Sunday, February 8, 2009

Table 5 comment cards

  • Focus on core mission, providing access to library resources. Clearly define support expectations, SLA's, ect. Commitment to DR plan.
  • We need high profile projects that could generate income.
  • Uw Madison to run a statewide library system
  • Work toward large scale efficient textual analysis (a la Saxton et. al) Leaning toward cataloging matching.
  • More emphasis on cost/benefit (fewer toys and less push for the "latest thing")
  • Turn off computers at night- Try to be more green
  • More outreach and cooperation (with system and CIC and locally)
  • To make working together more efficient have people in the same group have offices closer together.
  • Administrative dysfunction delaying implementation
  • define mission and scope
  • don’t be distracted by new technology, but rather figure out what's relevant to our mission
  • DR plan with a budget
  • SLA's
  • We need a better procedure to get everything in place for a new employee
  • when there is an issue, the on call phone should be called first...NOT individuals on the team.
  • Promote personalization
  • Break from "techie" perspective
  • Bad vendor support- application
  • Lack of institutional focus reprioritize
Excel file listing all comments

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