Monday, January 5, 2009

Retreat Menu

Here's a taste of what we're planning for the retreat, on
Thursday, January 8th, 2009, noon - 4:30pm at the Pyle Center, Room 313.
It's a listing of our preliminary agenda and ideas for the retreat. Hopefully it will help everyone with their thinking coming into the session. Also please remember to continue checking out the retreat blog at:

Noon – Pizza for Lunch
• Self selected seating and gossip time
12:45 – Intros and first exercise
• Ice breaker, tagging yourself
• David – 10 word or less, statement of the days intent
• Mark - Framework and Rules for the day
• First exercise – Snow Cards
  • Mixed up seating at tables
  • Write ideas on cards and put into "kitty" on your table
  • Table group then prioritize and rank cards looking for commonality
  • Tables report out their top 3 to the whole room
  • Vote as a whole on top 5 or 6
2:30 – Break

2:45 – Second Exercise
• Speed Geeking
  • Self selected tables or birds of a feather
  • ID experts, one per table. Could be a facilitator for a specific idea/issue/question
  • Experts/recorder stays at their table with flip chart
  • Everyone else rotates on command, about every 5 minutes
  • Everyone visits every table in order
  • Discussions are captured on flip charts
  • Report out by table/expert/recorder to white board
  • Looking for key ideas, common concerns etc
4:00 – End of day
• Start integrating ideas from both sessions
• Lists could include:
  • Items, issues, questions, concerns
  • Priorities
  • Additional associated lists could include:
  • Low hanging fruit
  • Commonalities with outside agencies
  • Parallels with other systems and developments
4:30 - David and Mark wrap as necessary and goodbyes

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